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The GetSparks.org Manifesto

The 'spark' system and GetSparks website was created for a few different reasons. The basis of why is hashed out in a post on the CodeIgniter forums.

It really boils down to solving these problems:

  1. There are plenty of feature requests for CodeIgniter, especially when it comes to libraries. 99% of the suggested libraries don't belong built-in to the framework. We hope that Sparks helps keep CodeIgniter one of the lightest, fastest frameworks for PHP.

  2. Some fantastic and useful libraries have been written for CodeIgniter, but they remain scattered around the internet on blogs, wikis, forums, and github. Using these in your projects is a chore of copy and paste.

  3. When you're thinking of using someone else's code, there isn't much of a way to gauge whether it's ready for the big-time. Is it fault tolerant? Unit tested? Reletively recent?

  4. Most importantly: CodeIgniter developers don't have an easy way to share their code and contribute extensions to CodeIgniter functionality.

GetSparks is about making great libraries written by the community easy to find, create and distribute.

The Team

Kenny Katzgrau John Crepezzi Beau Frusetta Mike Pauley Seán Downey

The Project

Here's some project details:

  1. Issue Tracker / Project Management: http://getsparks.lighthouseapp.com/projects/70187-getsparksorg-repository/overview
  2. Code Repository: https://github.com/katzgrau/getsparks.org

Special Thanks

The GetSparks.org team extends a special thanks to these fine fellows:

• Joel Cox, for testing, and for spark activity graphs
• Jake Ingman, for designing our sweet logo on a whim
• Joe Auty, for fixing bugs and being super-persistent
• Pull request heros: @anaxamaxan, @jessedterry

... and some fine organizations

for their generous support

Get Involved

We're looking for help. Email team@getsparks.org if you'd like to join the team.