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Username : philsturgeon
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Website : http://philsturgeon.co.uk/


Package Gist Author Last Push
oauth Authenticate users with OAuth the easy way. philsturgeon July 18, 2012
cache A cache library for CodeIgniter that can cache by library call, model call or just custom data via get/write methods. philsturgeon November 8, 2011
oauth2 A multi-provider oAuth 2 client package. philsturgeon July 18, 2012
restclient A RESTful client CodeIgniter library that can auto-detect the format and request its own. philsturgeon April 24, 2012
cli Work with CodeIgniter over the command line with handy prompts, clear screen, etc. philsturgeon March 22, 2011
prowl Send iPhone notificiations from your CodeIgniter application with Prowl. philsturgeon March 1, 2011
unzip Extract ZIP files in CodeIgniter without installing any PECL extensions for PHP. philsturgeon March 1, 2011
curl Work with cURL easily from your CodeIgniter application. philsturgeon October 1, 2013
template Template library for CodeIgniter which supports modules, themes, partial views, etc. philsturgeon August 25, 2011