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Guide #2: Installing Sparks

This document will explain how to install sparks with both the spark manager and manually.

Installing Sparks with the Spark Manager

In this example, we'll install the 'example-spark' via the terminal.

Navigate to the root of your CodeIgniter application where you previously installed sparks. On OSX or Linux, type:

php tools/spark install -v1.0.0 example-spark On Windows, type: php tools\spark install -v1.0.0 example-spark You should see:
[ SPARK ]  Retrieving spark detail from getsparks.org
[ SPARK ]  From Downtown! Retrieving spark from Mercurial repository at https://github.com/katzgrau/example-spark
[ SPARK ]  Installing spark
[ SPARK ]  Spark installed to ./sparks/example-spark/1.0.0 - You're on fire!

Specifying the version isn't required. You can leave that -v1.0.0 option out in order to get the latest version.

Anyway, now your spark is installed! In your application, try:

$this->load->spark('example-spark/1.0.0');      # We always specify the full path from the spark folder
$this->example_spark->printHello();             # echo's "Hello from the example spark!"

Now you can install all the sparks you want! You can even autoload sparks in your application's config/autoload.php:

$autoload['sparks'] = array('example-spark/1.0.0');

If you feel like contributing your own, check out Making Sparks.

Installing Sparks Manually

Follow these directions for installing sparks without a script. This is most practical for developers on shared servers, where using the PHP would prove difficult or impossible.

  1. Browse or search for the package that you need. As an example, we'll use example-spark .
  2. Find the version you would like to download. This is most likely the top-listed version, which is the latest (sometimes denoted as 'HEAD').
  3. Click the link to "Get example-spark-1.0.0.zip", and download it.
  4. Extract the contents of the zip to a folder inside the sparks/ directory at the base of your application. You should include the version number too:
  5. You should now have a directory like this:
  6. Now your spark is installed! Try this from within your application:

    $this->load->spark('example-spark/1.0.0'); # Don't forget to add the version!
    $this->example_spark->printHello(); # echo's "Hello from the example spark!"

You can also autoload sparks in your application's config/autoload.php:

$autoload['sparks'] = array('example-spark/1.0.0');

Lookin' good? Want to contribute? Check out Making Sparks.