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Basic Information: amazon-s3

Easily work with Amazon S3

Contributor : phused
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Author Website : http://prashant.es
Spark Website : http://github.com/phused/CodeIgniter-S3
Repository Type : git
Number of Installs : 3,005

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  • 1.0.0 Pushed May 6th, 2011
    php tools/spark install -v1.0.0 amazon-s3 Or download this version manually: Get amazon-s3-1.0.0.zip


h1. Amazon S3 Library for CodeIgniter

Easily integrate your CI applications to Amazon's Simple Storage Solution with this library.

This library is (hardly) a port of "Donovan Schönknecht's S3 PHP Class":http://undesigned.org.za/2007/10/22/amazon-s3-php-class.

h2. Setup

Edit config/s3.php with your appropriate settings

Copy config and library files to your CI installation

h2. Class Methods

For more detailed information about the required parameters and returns check the S3.php file.

h3. Objects: * copyObject * deleteObject * getObject * getObjectInfo * inputFile * inputResource * putObject * getAuthenticatedURL

h3. Buckets:

  • listBuckets
  • getBucket
  • putBucket
  • deleteBucket
  • getBucketLocation
  • getBucketLogging
  • setBucketLogging
  • disableBucketLogging
  • getHttpUploadPostParams

h3. Access Control Policies:

  • getAccessControlPolicy
  • setAccessControlPolicy

h3. CloudFront:

  • listDistributions
  • createDistribution
  • getDistribution
  • updateDistribution
  • deleteDistribution

h3. Legacy methods:

  • putObjectFile
  • putObjectString

h2. Example Usage

// Load Library $this->load->library('s3');

// Create a Bucket vardump($this->s3->putBucket('My-Bucket', $this->s3->ACLPUBLIC_READ));

// List Buckets var_dump($this->s3->listBuckets());

h2. References

  • "Original documentation for this class":http://undesigned.org.za/2007/10/22/amazon-s3-php-class/documentation
  • "Amazon S3 Documentation":http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AmazonS3/2006-03-01/

Older Versions

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