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These are the most recently registered sparks with at least one release.

Package Gist Author Last Push
twig_driver codeigniter twig driver for composer twig dexter_ns88 February 23, 2015
recaptcha-library reCAPTCHA library for CodeIgniter appleboy December 9, 2014
dwoo Dwoo termplate engine for Codeigniter petercsoka May 24, 2014
log2db logging system that inserts the logs in the database xsoares January 15, 2014
Pushover CodeIgniter Pushover Library jinjie November 20, 2013
codeigniter-gearman Gearman library for CodeIgniter PHP Framework appleboy December 9, 2013
cssmin CodeIgniter Spark version of the PHP port of the YUI CSS compressor. janlindblom July 18, 2013
jsmin Spark version of JSMin-PHP. janlindblom July 17, 2013
sandcastle-cms A simple CMS insipired by/based on [Pico](http://pico.dev7studios.com/) and compatible with Pico themes. fuzzyfox July 3, 2013
sandcastle-events A simple events listing system fuzzyfox June 30, 2013
sandcastle-planet A simple feed aggregation library in Spark form. fuzzyfox June 30, 2013
better_form A collection of functions that make creating forms in codeigniter faster. RobKohr June 29, 2013
haml MtHaml adaptation. HAML templates with blocks (partials) support. ilsenem June 26, 2013
nci-extensions my extension collection nonchip June 24, 2013
titanium-cloud Authentication and API library for the Titanium cloud h3r2on June 4, 2013
zend-lib Integration of Zend Framework libraries with codeigniter flattop1968 May 23, 2013
zendesk zendesk api v2 wrapper lefakir April 24, 2013
codeigniter-user A simple auth library for codeigniter, aimed to be simple and secure. am01264 February 21, 2013
sk-hashids A spark for implementing hashids (http://hashids.org). sekati September 19, 2013
datatable Provides server-side control over the jQuery Datatables plugin jalfredprufrock February 9, 2013
simple_model Spark for easier management and validation models jansenfelipe February 8, 2013
codeigniter-log Store all php error or exception logs into database. appleboy April 11, 2014
goodies Some simple but useful php functions for general purpose damiano January 23, 2013
barcodegen Barcode Generator iyank4 January 22, 2013
phpgettext Php gettext for Code Igniter damiano January 6, 2013
chartex Chartex spark package for Code Igniter damiano January 6, 2013
Are_You_A_Human Are You A Human/PlayThru captcha spark joeauty November 22, 2012
grocery-crud Package for Grocery CRUD, a powerful CRUD/admin generator for CodeIgniter limacohen April 24, 2014
fb_ignited Extension of Facebook PHP SDK in CodeIgniter Necromnius July 1, 2013
facebook-connect This spark that extends Facebook-SDK PHP library jansenfelipe February 19, 2013
CI-Exchangerates Retrieves and handles exchangerates and currency conversions (FOREX) patrick_savalle October 24, 2012
bubble An alternative to base64 functions, with eye-candy result ! Akira777 October 14, 2012
CI_Simple_Template Simple Templates for CI tehAon October 19, 2012
ajax Easy help for JS AJAX responses sevir February 23, 2015
ci-twostep Google Authenticator support for CodeIgniter gothpanda October 13, 2012
cas-auth-library CAS authentication library for CodeIgniter eliasdorneles September 21, 2012
azot Assets management made easy AzizLight September 9, 2012
ci-simplepie Use SimplePie within your CodeIgniter application PTish December 27, 2012
visualcaptcha-spark A drag and drop alternative to the traditional text based Captcha montch August 22, 2012
ip_restrict Whitelist or blacklist an array of IP addresses, redirect or display error on fail. mikedfunk August 21, 2012
ci-flash A small library which provides extended flash message functionality. eddmann October 16, 2012
create_min_url A library and config to create a url for google minify. mikedfunk August 20, 2012
simpleform SimpleForm is a new way to put values into forms. jeremyelliot August 15, 2012
mailchimp MailChimp support for CodeIgniter. janlindblom August 10, 2012
dompdf Add dompdf PDF generator to CodeIgniter janlindblom August 10, 2012
datecalc A CodeIgniter helper with some functions to help with date calculations. janlindblom November 27, 2012
morehtml An extension to the built in HTML helper. janlindblom September 25, 2012
foundation Foundation 3.x helper for CodeIgniter janlindblom November 4, 2012
imgur Imgur API wrapper for anonymous resources subdesign August 9, 2012
googleweather Wrapper for Google Weather API library subdesign July 31, 2012
codeigniter-klout Klout API v1 library for CodeIgniter patrickpopowicz July 25, 2012
codeigniter-bitly bit.ly REST API v3 library for CodeIgniter patrickpopowicz July 24, 2012
Grabzit API wrapper for Grabz.it website screen grabber service subdesign July 25, 2012
amazon Amazon S3 PHP class for CodeIgniter jenssegers July 19, 2012
chunked_uploader Library class for handling chunked uploads from Plupload jeremyelliot July 18, 2012
akismet An Akismet anti spam library for CodeIgniter jenssegers July 19, 2012
announce For managing messages to be displayed to the user. jeremyelliot August 14, 2012
loaders A collection of loaders and accessors for CodeIgniter's core objects. jhill9693 August 27, 2012
cache-helper A helper with utility functions for working with CodeIgniter's output cache. stevenbenner October 28, 2012
sangar-scaffold CRUD Generator. Create Controllers, Models, Views (create, edit, list) and Forms for fast development Sangar February 18, 2013
cloud-carousel A wrapper for the Cloud Carousel, a 3d Carousel in JavaScript, by Professor Cloud. http://www.professorcloud.com Appunto July 10, 2012
cicolourlovers Wrapper for colourlover.com API subdesign July 5, 2012
Appunto-Auth Appunto-Auth is no longer being released as a spark. Please visit http://www.appunto.net/appunto-auth for more information on Appunto-Auth Appunto October 27, 2012
ci-navigation Navigation Library That Works with Twitters Bootstrap gorelative July 25, 2012
Codeigniter-Exchange a library to interact with openexchangerates.org zaher September 10, 2012
weather Simple tools to help you interact with the Weather Underground API. twopiers June 18, 2012
SimpleCache A simple "cache" spark for CodeIgniter 2.x/3.x kaffekop June 18, 2012
boxcar Boxcar.io API library for CodeIgniter benedmunds May 29, 2012
kitlang Set the language code from URI - Extra helpers to switch language and build url. devtime May 26, 2012
ChromePhp_helper ChromePhp is a PHP class to go along with the ChromePhp Google Chrome extension. mpmont July 15, 2012
Autocomplete Autocomplete for CI in your IDE stunt May 20, 2012
theme Easily developing themes with all assets at one place Atomicon May 14, 2012
hooking Bringing wordpress like filters and actions to Codeigniter Atomicon May 11, 2012
state-helper A CodeIgniter helper for dealing with US states and their abbreviations. gstjohn May 9, 2012
MongoL Simple MongoDB micro-wrapper library for CodeIgniter Flatline May 5, 2012
TextMagic-SMS-API CodeIgniter Library for TextMagic API appleboy May 1, 2012
appcelerator A CodeIgniter library that is a simple port of the Appcelerator ACS Javascript SDK to PHP benedmunds May 2, 2012
sk-asset Static Asset helper with support for less, jquery, Google CDN & Analtics sekati January 28, 2013
fpo FPO Placeholder Image Helper sekati April 28, 2012
gravatar A more flexible Gravatar API helper. sekati April 28, 2012
vimeo A Vimeo API helper. sekati April 28, 2012
curl_load Loads remote JSON as config values via CURL. mikedfunk May 7, 2012
GoogleCalendar A supplement to the Google Client API for Google Calendar applications joeauty August 8, 2012
adoptkitten Need a placeholder? Like Kittens? You are in the right place. mpmont April 20, 2012
placeholder Image and text placeholder helper for CodeIgniter edmundask April 27, 2012
sendgrid-mail A CodeIgniter wrapper library for SendGrid's Mail API gstjohn December 18, 2012
GoogleAPIClient A carbon copy of the Google distributed PHP API Client, made available to the Sparks repository with some integration tips joeauty January 8, 2013
query_string_helper A CodeIgniter helper to manipulate and display query strings and URLs. mikedfunk April 27, 2012
ci_user_library Created a library to handle users, details, requests, and more to come. tehAon March 28, 2012
recaptcha_spark recaptcha library tehAon March 22, 2012
amazon-sdk using the full amazon sdk from within your spark zaher October 4, 2012
caching Wrapper library for CodeIgniter's Cache driver gbaldera September 15, 2012
debugger A flexible debugging library BenTheDesigner March 13, 2012
email_me A simple helper and config to email the developer when something happens. mikedfunk August 14, 2012
bootstrap_forms Helper for HTML5 form inputs with Bootstrap 2.0 CSS styling svizion March 5, 2012
ci-bitly Bit.ly API Library svizion March 11, 2012
carabiner An asset management library for CodeIgniter, originally by Tony Dewan mikedfunk March 5, 2012
ci_authentication An authentication package for CodeIgniter. mikedfunk April 1, 2012
ci_alerts Saves alert types to flashdata and displays them with wrapping HTML. mikedfunk March 28, 2012
Twiggy Twiggy - Twig template engine implementation for CodeIgniter. edmundask April 15, 2012
github_updater Perform remote updates to your CI instance with this library jimdoescode March 9, 2012
MY_Model A MY_Model Codeigniter with validation support Se7en-IT February 28, 2012
phpass phpass is a portable password hashing framework for use in PHP applications jenssegers February 26, 2012
zen A caching library to cache attributes or function calls to libraries, models and helpers jenssegers March 3, 2012
GoCardless The GoCardless CodeIgniter client provides a simple CodeIgniter interface to the GoCardless API. GoCardless May 28, 2012
antispam AntiSpam library ianjohnson February 27, 2012
cimongo A CodeIgniter library for interact with MongoDb. vesparny May 31, 2012
redbean The RedBean ORM tool made accessible for CodeIgniter jenssegers March 29, 2012
sendgrid-newsletter A CodeIgniter wrapper library for SendGrid's Newsletter API gstjohn April 14, 2012
oauth Authenticate users with OAuth the easy way. philsturgeon July 18, 2012
my-model An extension for CodeIgniter's model, provides easy access to your database jenssegers December 13, 2012
login-cookie A simple cookie-based persistent login solution. jalfredprufrock February 13, 2012
simple-assets The smallest asset helper you have ever seen! jenssegers February 27, 2012
messages Store and display error or information messages to display on the current page or next page jenssegers March 28, 2012
secure-auth This is a secure authentication library for codeigniter. jenssegers February 28, 2012
minify A library that provides minify functions using CodeIgniter drivers jenssegers February 3, 2012
advanced-images Resize and crop images on the fly jenssegers September 25, 2012
friendly-template A user friendly template library jenssegers December 24, 2012
perm A simple, flexible access control library ccschmitz February 1, 2012
files Easily save and read any file type. Useful for saving and reading $config and $lang files. Eclarian March 22, 2012
markdown-extra A markdown extra helper to parse markdown extra tomcode January 30, 2012
codeigniter-template CodeIgniter Simple Template Library appleboy September 24, 2014
presenter Implement the Presenter pattern in a CodeIgniterish way machuga January 26, 2012
Facebook-SDK Makes Facebook PHP SDK available through sparks joeyblake January 23, 2012
statsd A simple statsd client seejohnrun January 5, 2012
ideal A CodeIgniter library to interact with the iDeal online payment method through the XML API. joelcox January 2, 2012
debug_helper An alternative for print_r and var_dump stunt January 12, 2012
cloudcomm Fax, SMS, and Voice johnschrom October 9, 2012
menu-improved menu-improved is based on menu by Barnabas Kendall nihaopaul February 24, 2012
Sprinkle Asset management library for CodeIgniter edmundask February 20, 2012
video_helper This helper works with vimeo and youtube. mpmont July 15, 2012
thumb_helper A helper that let's you create thumbnails really fast. mpmont July 15, 2012
urilang Sets the language defined in the URI as the system's default language during runtime. maxzender January 19, 2012
schema Expressive table definitions jamierumbelow December 31, 2011
gc-qrcode Spark for generating QR codes via the Google Chart API. birderic February 9, 2012
ci-breadcrumb CodeIgniter Breadcrumb Library apseymour November 29, 2011
sphinx codeigniter interface to sphinx sirfilip November 27, 2011
formgenlib Form Generation Library santacruz June 25, 2012
access Easily protect all or part of your site with HTTP Auth prompts katzgrau January 2, 2012
SphinxRT Real Time SphinxSearch Interface apseymour November 17, 2011
mikrotik_api The CodeIgniter Spark Library for interact with Mikrotik RouterOS API in easy and simple code vthinkteam November 19, 2011
yall Yet Another Layout Library akuzemchak November 12, 2011
disqus-spark A simple way to incorporate DISQUS into your CodeIgniter application inverse March 30, 2013
gitigniter Use the Github API nicdev November 12, 2011
cache A cache library for CodeIgniter that can cache by library call, model call or just custom data via get/write methods. philsturgeon November 8, 2011
Nexmo-SMS-Message Class Nexmo Message handles the methods and properties of sending an SMS message. appleboy December 21, 2014
Hydrant Tame your flambé-code with H2O-based templates stickgrinder November 1, 2011
cpanel_api allow you to manipulate cPanel from your codeigniter vthinkteam November 5, 2011
codeigniter-plurk A Plurk API Module for CodeIgniter appleboy January 24, 2012
decorator Allows you to create decorators to prep your data before passing it to your views. ccschmitz November 4, 2011
google-url-shortener CodeIgniter Google URL Shortener API Library appleboy October 26, 2011
gas A lighweight and easy-to-use ORM for CodeIgniter toopay February 13, 2013
ci_flickr_api CodeIgniter Flickr API montaguethomas October 21, 2011
Google-URL-Shortner Google URL Shortner ericbarnes October 20, 2011
ci_orm_model An ORM Model for CodeIgniter montaguethomas October 19, 2011
mmtwitterfetcher Gets tweets from twitter by single or multiple users kaffekop October 13, 2011
ri_contact_engine Contact Engine package for Code Igniter damiano January 5, 2013
ri_ldap LDAP spark package for Code Igniter damiano January 5, 2013
netflix Netflix API Library jimdoescode February 13, 2012
wideimage-ci Bundling of the WideImage project into a Codeignitor package. spicer October 2, 2011
Debug-Toolbar This is a debug toolbar for codeigniter purwandi January 23, 2012
cloudmanic-api An API controller with default CRUD operations built-in. spicer September 28, 2011
ideal-form A CodeIgniter library to interact with the iDeal online payment method through form submission. joelcox September 27, 2011
google-helper Just a Google Analytics helper for Google. mvug September 24, 2011
cloudmanic-combine CSS / JS Asset Management. Combines & Minifies. Options To Upload To Amazon or Rackspace. spicer September 24, 2011
session-driver Replacement for the session library using drivers danmontgomery January 27, 2012
achilles Framework for server-side AJAX development rjzaworski December 2, 2011
cloudmanic-storage An abstract library that gives support to different cloud storage solutions (Ie. Rackspace & Amazon) spicer October 30, 2011
oauth2 A multi-provider oAuth 2 client package. philsturgeon July 18, 2012
codeigniter-oauth Spark for integrating with multiple Oauth providers - uniform input and response calvinfroedge September 26, 2011
mustache_spark Implements support for using the Mustache template system in CodeIgniter. Cordazar September 8, 2011
Atomizer A friendly library for creating and parsing RSS feeds rjzaworski October 24, 2011
oi-messages Oi messaging library for flexible user notifications anaxamaxan September 6, 2011
scss Automatically compile scss files whenever they are modified. tobz December 20, 2011
Nitro Powerful and simple ORM (Object Relational Mapper). 100% pure PHP, no xml or cli needed! Flatline October 7, 2011
error_notifier Send e-mail summaries of the logs splitfeed September 26, 2011
Proxy This class enables you to make call to internal and external site with general HTTP request by opening a socket connection to the remote host. toopay November 6, 2011
dropbox Dropbox API Library jimdoescode February 22, 2013
youtube Youtube API Library jimdoescode June 1, 2012
codeigniter-sitemaps A library for generating XML sitemaps for codeigniter. chemicaloliver August 28, 2011
console An implementation of the firePHP serverside component. Print your php variables to the firebug console. tobz December 4, 2011
ciwp Fetching WordPress content from CodeIgniter fjallstrom August 29, 2011
base-model ag-model is a basic extended model for CodeIgniter applications with some basic functionality included. adamgriffiths September 9, 2011
FluentForm A powerful, full featured, fluent form factory for CodeIgniter2 framework. stickgrinder August 24, 2011
db-assets Provides a simple way to include CSS and Javascript files into your views. danijelbeslic August 24, 2011
sass dpmarrows haml sass library without haml, just sass chonthu August 23, 2011
Profanity Googles Profanity Check Helper for strings. chonthu August 22, 2011
Asset Very simple asset management library adamgriffiths September 9, 2011
Auth Authentication library with control panel. adamgriffiths September 21, 2011
mutate Mutate mimics the wordpress hook/filter/plugin functionality. kcmerrill November 13, 2011
codeigniter-payments A Uniform Payments Interface for CodeIgniter. One API to learn - many payment systems! calvinfroedge July 11, 2012
rapleaf Query Rapleaf's API for personal info based on their email address and/or postal information. dsjellz August 8, 2011
yaml-forge Generates database schemas from YAML stephenfrank August 17, 2011
swift-mailer Quickly add SwiftMailer functionality to your CodeIgniter Reactor project. ShawnMcCool February 27, 2012
ci-merchant Driver-based payment processing for CI 2.x expressodev December 22, 2012
menu The Menu library is used to create hierarchical html structures ideal for menu structures. Barnabas July 14, 2011
PersonalizedMailer Personalized Mailer is an SMTP server friendly mass emailing Spark with support for generating personalized messages to each user in your list joeauty September 1, 2011
events CodeIgniter Events Library ericbarnes August 15, 2011
feature-flags Enable or disable features of a site with a line of code talkingwithsean July 8, 2011
static-minify Add a controller to handle your static content and minify it (group of files or single files) Spir July 5, 2011